CELPIP Test Preparation Online

Hiya, weoples today we will discuss some tips and tactics which you need to know while preparing yourself for CELPIP test.  We have compiled a list of things which you should be doing during the preparation of your test so that your chances of success are enhanced. Create a Daily Study Plan No matter how […]

Best Ways To End Emails

 Best Ways To Sign-off Your Emails We all write emails these days, whether it’s to a friend, a coworker, or your boss. Obviously emails can’t really express your body language or the tone in your voice, so it’s very easy for people to misinterpret you. This means how we sign-off our emails is very important. […]

Pronunciation of English Words

Welcome to Radix Tree Pronunciation Studios A big hurdle that most language learners have to go through is the issue of pronunciation. Adults’ acquisition of pronunciation in a foreign language is marked by a rarity of native-like control, in contrast to children who can attain such a level if exposed to the foreign language at […]

IELTS Vocabulary

Ielts Vocabulary For Academic Or General 1. affectation noun a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display The guy at your local coffee shop who’s never left the state but speaks as though he’s lived in London all his life? His British accent is an affectation. Never confuse affectation with affection — which means “love” or “tenderness.” While affection might not always […]

How To Draw Yellow Angry Bird

Today we will show you how to draw the yellow, triangle-shaped angry bird. Learn how to draw this character with the following simple step to step tutorial. How to Draw Yellow Angry Bird with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial     Step 1 Draw a triangle with rounded corners and then draw the guidelines […]

How To Draw Angry Birds

How to Draw Red Angry Bird with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial     Step 1 Draw an oval and also draw the guidelines to help place the facial features.   Step 2 Draw two ovals along the guidelines for the eyes. Step 3 Draw V like eyebrows and draw a circle for each […]

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